Sunday, 16 December 2012

Found and Created Type

Here's my second post about found and created typography. I went ahead and researched more about type and here's a few ideas.

Finger Type

Architectural Letters

Coffee art


Now, provided the coffee art isn't actually of type, I believe it could very be well have type on it, and I'm sure it wouldn't be so hard to make the type from an actual font, say, Blackadder.

Use of objects

So then I thought after looking at the above, I thought I should give making typography another shot.
I'd been thinking and developing the ideas over and over and I think I finally got it right, and I've found the tools of my trade for this project.


Here's the first version:

But then I thought, perhaps it needed an angle, since it was just plain looking, and I knew the background needed work. So I came up with the developed version of this, and might I say it's very successful.

This is my final piece.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

found typography and a video

So this entry is to do with what's said in the title. This is a small side project, and well.. I've made a start. So far this is what I have...
I haven't done any research of it yet, but what research does it need, really, when it's obvious. "Found type..." Found. 
So, anyhoo, this is a test, a start off on this project.

So, technically, found typography could be like this:

Am I right?! Yes!
... I think.

Soo.... some research, here goes. I'll just link up a few artists. For example, Dwane posted this ex students art... and I must say, it's quite impressive!
I wonder if he actually got in a plane and took these photos... 

Here is another artist who has used found type. 


So! I mentioned a video, you say?
Yes, yes I did.

Here it is! :D

...After this. I have started this little piece for my own sake, I wanted to draw something for myself, that's not related to university work, and here it is. Please like, subscribe and comment :D


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My photography: carlisle

These photos were all taken by moi, of Carlisle.
There's so much history packed here.I'd write it down for you,
but then that takes out the joy of research for yourself.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Off With their heads!

So today I handed in my  "Heads" project - I'm glad it's finally over! Hah! So, here we go!
The heads...
Out of typography. Enjoy!

We had to make a 5 sets of heads.
The first set is of cats, I even made a portrait of my cat! This was made using print and lino techniques.
The second one down is a set of Family and Friends! That's hand rendered in felt tip pens.
Then ...collage....of birds.
Then we have actors/actresses! It had to be a "mixed set" so there's hand rendered, PC made and one collage piece.
And then last but least, we have a set of cute hammies :B These were made on the PC!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

ISUU: A New Book Available!

Hi, all!

Please have a look through my online publication of quick simple sketches from throughout my days!
It's nice to take a sketch book out and sketch sometimes, and so I decided I would share it with the world.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sketch of the Day

This is my best sketch of today - sat in town drawing the people walk by... ^^

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


So this is what I did in class today... I did others, too, before adding the concealer stuff, both prints look good but I only managed to get this photo.
It's a typographic face, and I just applied it using intaglio.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Elements of Composition

Symmetrical - Balanced and Unbalanced

Asymmetrical - Balanced and Unbalanced


Circular Composition

Interesting Composition

Monday, 8 October 2012

Type Face

This is what we had to do today.
I re-made mine because the mac froze at uni, and after remaking that I didn't like it. This one is much better though.

Sorry that it's blurry but my Ai program wouldn't save so I had to printscreen it. >_____<

Saturday, 29 September 2012

10 Artists You Should Know

This cover art is by Connor Boyles!
It's a cover for one of his comics.
My boyfriend, Andre owns the original - lucky ...sod.
The poor guy didn't realise one of his best works were in the pile to be sold at MegaCon (Megacon Carlisle) I went to this year.
He was quite sad to see it going, but his art is now hung on our wall, protected and framed!

I asked Connor Boyle to draw me Thor whilst he was at his stand! I also got a picture with the guy! I'll post it after the last image of his works.


Here's Boyle and I!

Walt Simonsons

Tim Burton

Not sure if the last image is actually by Burton, but thought it's a great artwork!


Christina Empedocles


Joe Fenton

Mc Escher

Laura Laine

Mark Crilley

Thanks for reading this post. Aren't these just gorgeous images?!