Wednesday, 12 December 2012

found typography and a video

So this entry is to do with what's said in the title. This is a small side project, and well.. I've made a start. So far this is what I have...
I haven't done any research of it yet, but what research does it need, really, when it's obvious. "Found type..." Found. 
So, anyhoo, this is a test, a start off on this project.

So, technically, found typography could be like this:

Am I right?! Yes!
... I think.

Soo.... some research, here goes. I'll just link up a few artists. For example, Dwane posted this ex students art... and I must say, it's quite impressive!
I wonder if he actually got in a plane and took these photos... 

Here is another artist who has used found type. 


So! I mentioned a video, you say?
Yes, yes I did.

Here it is! :D

...After this. I have started this little piece for my own sake, I wanted to draw something for myself, that's not related to university work, and here it is. Please like, subscribe and comment :D


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