Monday, 6 May 2013


Blargledeboop, indeed!

I'm afraid that's the mood I am in as I write this :D
I'm just super happy~ so... BE HAPPY D:<!

Remmeber I said I would produce my final piece/comic on the pc? That that got scrapped right after I remembered I had Indian Drawing Ink! TADA~
I fell in love with it all over again.

Friend's of mine have talked about a brush pen... well, it looked pretty cool, kinda hard to get used to cause it's not a pen O.o anyway ~ I madeshift one.. and that doesn't make sense. Er, at the shop there's these watercolour brushes so I just put indian ink in and it works just as my friends :D YAY FOR CHEAP

Anyway... I finished the comic today. Pretty much.
I'mma scan, edit and add the writing/font/typography on - some poem bits.

Can't wait to show the final!!

My burger has almost arrived so I'll leave you with some photo's I took at one of Edinburgh's museum and drawings..


P.S. I shall upload another project that I last worked on - book covers. They'll be done soon~ :3

My excuse for my drawings was... I wasn't in drawing mood, much. xD
Also. That's my friend Iinu, on the course with me :3
And. See the drawing of that guy up there? He was on the train to Edinburgh.. and like 6 hours later he appeared on the same train home, just a chair away! How weird is that? XD