Thursday, 31 January 2013

New Semester

Hello, all.
Long time, no post! I do apologize. I haven't done very much this past month or two :'D

So, I'm in semester 2, now. And my latest project is Artists' Journal, SpaceRace Ceramics... and now an essay. So, my next few weeks could be a little hectic! Wish me luck! I'll chat about my ceramics and essay later, I want to show you all some artist inspiration. Something that may help me to develop my artistic journal.

The project Artist Journal pretty much speaks for itself. I have to record my daily life. Depending on what I choose. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place, but I think I may well have just the idea. I may need to work on it and adjust it to my needs though, and some confirming... a second opinion by none other than my tutor! And maybe a few others, too.

I found most all of the below artists on
It's a nice website showcasing some new, uprising artists.

First up is - Ana Montiel!

I really like her style, and I love her watercolour works. So beautiful, and colourful.

This is a cover for a perfume I do believe.

"Breathe Deeply" - Fantastic use of water colour!

She utilises her abilities adequately! Her pattern work is eye capturing, I'm not one for pattern, much, but I do like her work.

Next artist: Becca Stadtlander

She has a unique, and detailed style usually using paint. 

I quite like her method of studying
and recording imagery.  The detail in the flowers are stunning!

Artist: Lou Medel

[[This is related to my ceramics project, actually!]]

Artist: Alex Meyer

Hopefully, you would have seen something you like, and perhaps like the artist and follow their work. I do like detailed, sketch like art, I suppose it's more my style. In comparison I also LOVE realism art, and have attempted a few pieces myself.

Such as

Next up:


My project for ceramics is to do with the space race. I have to come up with a final piece made of clay. Basically I have chosen to make a solar system orrery. Like this-

It would have been awesome if I could have made it out of brass, copper etc - metalwork making, unfortunately it had to be done using ceramics. I believe my idea may well work, but we have yet to see after it's done baking. ;)

And now for my essay. I haven't written one in a year, and that was 1000 words. Now it's 2000 words. It shouldn't be too hard, since I've had some practice  and I do actually like writing so, I will give it my best shot!

I get to choose any artist... person...  like. Don't know who to choose, yet. Best thing is, s/he can be from any era! :3

That's it for tonight's blog, I sure do hope you stuck around to read this. And enjoyed it!