Thursday, 7 November 2013

A 30 Second "Film"

It's more like an intro, really.
Technically it's not a film, so it really is a debatable title. :D
Anyhoo, that is the title of the brief I was given.

My genre was Japanese Horror. I was so excited to begin this project and see the final outcome! I'm really happy with how it turned out!
So the week after that finished, our next task was to make a poster for said film.
This is my final piece -

I'm hoping I managed to re-size it well..enough... to A3, because I've been working on an A4 scale XD

Thoughts on the poster? By the way, the poster we made we made ourselves.. er, not in pairs. The film however was made in pairs, and here it is -

Please don't forget to enable high quality! (It really helps to get the mood yeah).

Here are some thumbnails of other version of the poster I worked on...

Also, I do apologise for not posting earlier projects... :/