Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Exhibition this Week, Packing up the Next

Hello all,

Welcome to my blog, please feel free to look at other entries :)

So the topic at hand is of course the exhibition! It was a somewhat stressful week as we all had to prepare and print out our work, and fit it all in the allocated space! Thankfully, mine did not take too long to sort out. I even printed out some.. prints to sell, hopefully some people bought some.

This is the last week it is open for, from 10AM to 4PM, this monday (6th) to friday (10th). At the University of Cumbria on Brampton Road. (Cumbria, UK)

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Bee Project

I decided it would be best to take another look at the design of the box for the bee project and thought to myself, perhaps I should really dig in and design it using my design skills. So here it is!
Unfortunately the printer at uni isn't in line, so double sided was not an option...

Before and After

On the back of the box (which I forgot to get a photo of) has a synopsis of the project.

Monday, 4 April 2016



But I won't so it won't appear as if I am shouting at you, out loud, or however you take capital letters in EVERY word, sentence, paragraph, you get the gist.

So the BIG NEWS is.....

I got a new tablet x3
It's the Wacom Intuos Medium graphics tablet, pen and touch 8)

And let me tell you...
it's shiny!!
That may be because it just came out the box, but I mean 'shiny' in terms of it's my new baby! 

There are so many appropriate Austin Power GIF's... (JIFF! yes, JIFF! not -g-iff. Jiff like how the man himself said it's pronounced.)

My next reaction is again Austin... dancing ;)


Okay okay okay(!)

Here are some photo's of the lovely thing...

Hand for size reference.
That box was humongous!
And there it is right on my desk. I obtained it by throwing a pokeball at it to catch it, and then it became my new best friend. Don't worry copics, I still wuv chu v.v


It's a tablet that's pretty much up to date in terms of technology, it's no cintiq but heh, they're a bit more expensive as to what I can (actually) afford.
So in terms of size, I think it's decent for my size screens (they're about 21" I think...), as I like a bit more room to draw when on a larger screen.
        My previous tablet (wacom bamboo pen fun and touch) is a lot smaller and the size of the tablet pretty much fits inside the drawing space on this new one. The small one I obtained when I had a laptop :)

Going onto how it draws, I think it draws amazingly, it feels like real paper, and the rubber actually feels rubbery against the tablet. With the pen you can hold it at different angles, and on photoshop it draws on that angle! I don't know if it works with other software like SAI...

On my prevoius wacom I didn't really use the quick access buttons, but I may start using them on this one. I set the pen to how I had it on my old one, where I have hand/pan tool on the first button, so I'm just getting used to it and the settings I can adjust. As you can see on the last photo, there's a very handy(! ;) heh, get it, HANDY?) pen holder, and inside that there are extra nibs! (which I haven't checked out yet...)

One of the best parts of this tablet is that fact is it can be WIRELESS! I don't know about my fellow readers, but when there were wires everywhere I just kept getting tangled in it when I took breaks or moved, which proved to be a bit of a pain in the ... :) honkadonk.
As with every wireless object, it needs charged. So it comes with the suitable wires, and the other USB's for setting up wireless. OH OH OH! In the side of the tablet, it comes with a USB holder, so when you're travelling pop it in there and it won't get lost! I was confused when I first saw the hole with nothing inside... So it's easily transportable. I heard you can just use a laptop bag to carry it... (perhaps I should dig out my Totoro one and see if it fits so it can sits) :D

Now here's an impression of how the tablet reacted to me;


Here are a few snapshots of my quick practice... don't laugh :< I'll be better, I swear :<
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Thanks for reading my review, feel free to follow me, and hit me up. Sorry for the overuse of emotes XD I'm just... excited.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

A new project is up and coming!

That is right! New project coming right up!

My next project involves box making, leaflet and sticker making, super excited!

It's been awhile since I've been able to 'design' something, and by this I mean more graphic design, sure I'm an illustrator but it is nice to do something else for a little bit. Here are a few shots of my latest;

This project is about saving the bees, since their numbers are falling it is very scary (and horrible.) Without the bees we will have no pollination which mean no plants- vegetables, flowers, fruit etc. Farmers jobs would be going down because there'd be no plants.
And since there is a decline in bees, it is such a shame since we need them and they need us, even spiders play a job in the world (eating your spiders in your house for once. I like to keep my pet spiders in the corner so they eat the flies in the summer when they come ;) )

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Adult Nursery Rhymes

My latest project has been really fun! The task was to make an adult rhyme book. It shows the story behind the poems, the hidden meaning behind these children's rhymes, maybe you haven't thought about it before, but fear not, here you can see!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

My Quirk.. USP

My Unique Selling Point...?

I'm the Pied Piper of cats of course!
I am the Cat Catcher of Hamlin!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

New Year x2 (updated :))

Heh, heh :'D Happy New Year... Again! Okay, I'm going to update this blog :)

Please visit my freshly, newly re-designed website! It went for a revamp: www.lisakerrillustrations.com

Book cover design for Penguin, A Clockwork Orange
Book cover design for Penguin, Emil and the Detectives (A fairly good read)
A project covering local history, it was a school for girls

The inside of the building, 2D dollhouse format

A map for uni I designed

A digital comic of a walk I had, one of my favourite pages

A mirror image from part of the walk comic