Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Hi, everyone! ( ^ω^)

So, ya'll probably wondering whatever happened with my comics project?!
Well, here's an update ^^

I've been working on experimentation - figuring out what really is the best medium for my comic, and out of all the testing I decided I would first draw out the sketch, and then manipulate and colour it on PhotoShop/SAI. (SAI is what I believe to be a Japanese colouring programme, it's really great for lineart too, love, love, love! (See previous post - I used SAI and PhotoShop, but I mainly used SAI)

Anyhoo... Here are two three pieces I created for experimentation and the comic

 On the last image, I manipulated it to give it that psychedelic feeling (See previous post to understand my meaning). I like that it worked really well with the background, but I'm not so sure about it being warped on the building itself.

Do you feel my manipulation/experimental drawings succeed? Do they fit the overall feeling I'm trying to get across?

So here are some of the reference images I'll be using in the making...

I think that's about everything that needs posting... 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

My personal project

I finished my artwork :3 I'm rather happy with the final outcome! What do you think?

Also, here's the progress video that goes along side it ^_^

Here's a link to my youtube channel: www.youtube.com/lisaillustrations