Thursday, 8 January 2015

Happy New Year! And news updates

First of all I hope you all had a good christmas and happy new year celebration!
I don't think I will set a new years resolution because I always fail to do them! Instead I will be keeping small goals to myself, one thing at a time, maybe I will stick to it that way?
What are your resolutions?

So I'm finally in my second year of university, I feel I have waited for forever to get here! 
So thank you to any supporters (?) on here and my facebook page @ Lisa Die Kunstenaar, I know I don't update much, but I do on occasion post new stuff - mainly on the facebook page because it's easier. And just to let you all know, one of my projects was to build a website and hook it up! So if you are interested, please do go have a look. I will be redesigning it over the summer when I have the spare time - redesign it so it will look better, I'm not so sure of it myself.

So please follow this link, there are some stuff I haven't posted on facebook or here that's on there, like some of this years projects.

So since I haven't posted any art from this year, I'm going to share something I've been working on over the holidays. I found a tutorial for this new technique I just learned and had to try it out!

This is a self portrait of me. Of course I need to work on my new found skill as it looks very rough but for my first attempt I think it's pretty cool.

Another project I've set myself is to learn about the program 3DS Max! I really look forward to the day where I can finally build cute, and not cute, diverse characters, and scenes, and lots more things! I'm very much excited and keen to get on with it, so wish me luck!