Monday, 18 February 2013


Good evening!

I shall be talking about DeviantART. I know how much my tutors love it which is why I'm posting it ;) No, not really. But I have a right to continue with DA whether they like it or not! It's not like I'm using DA for my projects, but it's for me, I like to roam it, find new artists, watch them etc etc. Also I'm an admin on a figure drawing group so I can't just up and leave XD Anyway, I'm posting my DeviantArt link here because I have decided to open commissions once more. I want to be able to sell some art and make customers happy. Also to bring in some  pocket money. ;) My dA

I ...forgot what I was going to say because I got distracted by the TV - The Day After Tomorrow.....

Oh! I have cleared up my gallery and have made folders to make it easier to navigate, and to pick out which media you choose to view. I deleted some old and weak works. Please let me know if this was a good move! Gallery.

And now to end this post with a sketch 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My Artist Journal

I'm still struggling on how I can make/start my artists journal. I have been thinking over and over about it, and I believe I've gotten nowhere. I did make a mindmap of a few ideas but I think they're a bit... bland, maybe?
Here I've taken some photos of the mindmap/brainstorm or whichever you prefer to call it...

I really am a cat lady. And if André wasn't here, I really would be a mad cat lady, because I know I would at least have two :'D But yes, I think Odin has become a major part of my life, and I love him to pieces ^O^ <3
Yeah.. So. I really love travelling, but I just don't have the money for it, which is crappy, but hey, maybe next year.

I was left with a pile of books, and I was having a small read through them, and they gave me some ideas, but nothing concrete. Ideas in way I could portray my journal, different ideas I could put in. Like these kinds of things... If I remember the names of the books I'm about to show, I shall write them down...

Which I'm afraid the first book I shall preview is someones book I can't remember the name or title of, sorry!


 I do believe it was a woman that published this journal. I think my tutor said that she wrote about  when she  visited the garden, and if her neighbors would say "hello" or not, and other things that related to her garden and small exchanges of friendly faces. I do agree, too. Thinking about how small and "squidgy" her writing is, right? It's quite hard to read, yep. I do apologise for the alignment of my images.

So here's the next book which I found really interesting. I'm afraid I don't know the author, either ^^;

Here's another book, mostly doodles I found interesting. I do believe it was a rather heavy biiiig book.

 ...I think next time I have a ton of picture to upload, I'll just mesh them together as a montage instead, so it would look neater and less fidgety when uploading and maneuvering.  I must ask the tutor if one is allowed to borrow some of these books...
But that's the last of these images!

So... Yeah, roaming the internet for answers, perhaps I should just go for it. Jot down whatever comes to mind, draw, paint, collage, cut out, stick in, lots of useful materials. I think that may be the plan. Perhaps it would develop from a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly ^_^
... See, that's the problem, Carlisle, or England in general reeeeaaally sucks for weather. Back in SA they are in summer!! There'd be a ton more things I could add to a journal about in there. From culture, animals - wild even, animal parks, the weather, the beach.... Oh, man.

Anyway, back to this topic, here I've found some useful webby's.

WikiHow: Artist Journal

Art Journal 101

Tangie Baxtor, ArtJournal 101

What You Can Add To Your Journal

I'm quite inspired from reading all this, and checking out some websites like of that above! Now the problem lies wherein to buy a journal book. I do go to uni tomorrow to finish off my ceramics, so I shall buy it the, along with superglue... ( ¬__¬ ). <-- Didn't do something right and is paying the consequences, loss of marks, possibly. Pity. Never mind.

Anyhoo, here's the ending of this post.
What do you think of my new layout, the background, and general aesthetics  I was hoping to upload one of my own images as the background, but I'm having trouble firguring out the problem with size and whatnot, since I don't use the HTML tab...

Hope this helps any others that need it! :3