Monday, 18 February 2013


Good evening!

I shall be talking about DeviantART. I know how much my tutors love it which is why I'm posting it ;) No, not really. But I have a right to continue with DA whether they like it or not! It's not like I'm using DA for my projects, but it's for me, I like to roam it, find new artists, watch them etc etc. Also I'm an admin on a figure drawing group so I can't just up and leave XD Anyway, I'm posting my DeviantArt link here because I have decided to open commissions once more. I want to be able to sell some art and make customers happy. Also to bring in some  pocket money. ;) My dA

I ...forgot what I was going to say because I got distracted by the TV - The Day After Tomorrow.....

Oh! I have cleared up my gallery and have made folders to make it easier to navigate, and to pick out which media you choose to view. I deleted some old and weak works. Please let me know if this was a good move! Gallery.

And now to end this post with a sketch 

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