Sunday, 16 December 2012

Found and Created Type

Here's my second post about found and created typography. I went ahead and researched more about type and here's a few ideas.

Finger Type

Architectural Letters

Coffee art


Now, provided the coffee art isn't actually of type, I believe it could very be well have type on it, and I'm sure it wouldn't be so hard to make the type from an actual font, say, Blackadder.

Use of objects

So then I thought after looking at the above, I thought I should give making typography another shot.
I'd been thinking and developing the ideas over and over and I think I finally got it right, and I've found the tools of my trade for this project.


Here's the first version:

But then I thought, perhaps it needed an angle, since it was just plain looking, and I knew the background needed work. So I came up with the developed version of this, and might I say it's very successful.

This is my final piece.

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