Saturday, 29 September 2012

10 Artists You Should Know

This cover art is by Connor Boyles!
It's a cover for one of his comics.
My boyfriend, Andre owns the original - lucky ...sod.
The poor guy didn't realise one of his best works were in the pile to be sold at MegaCon (Megacon Carlisle) I went to this year.
He was quite sad to see it going, but his art is now hung on our wall, protected and framed!

I asked Connor Boyle to draw me Thor whilst he was at his stand! I also got a picture with the guy! I'll post it after the last image of his works.


Here's Boyle and I!

Walt Simonsons

Tim Burton

Not sure if the last image is actually by Burton, but thought it's a great artwork!


Christina Empedocles


Joe Fenton

Mc Escher

Laura Laine

Mark Crilley

Thanks for reading this post. Aren't these just gorgeous images?!

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