Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Eerie Silence...?

Ghosts...murder...the dead...morbid....blood...gore...truly horrific images...axe

Is the genre of my comic.

The Amityville Murders.

The Amityville Horror - Is a movie based on the true story.

So my project for Nick is to make a comic/story board based on a poem I chose from the list which is situated below.

I'm not entirely sure how I got from that poem to Amityville based, but hell, it's given me one hellova booster, I'm really excited to start and finish this because I feel it's very very different from what other students have done in the past.

I'm still not sure If I'll have characters in my story, but since Amityville is a story about a guy  whom had, let's say bad childhood ends up killing his father along with the rest of his family. I've read all kinds of stuff on this story on this website, just roughly, mind.
    In the movie the main character finds out the house was built on an Indian burial site... Now that sounds about right but I can't be sure until I've researched this more. I'll come back to it when I have more information at hand. There is a DVD and a book  I want to watch/read as they're documentaries on the Amityville Murders' themselves; DVDbook.

Now to really help you/me visualise this, here are my moodboards.
I made another one because I felt I needed to, which is the genre.

To help you visualize the style/aesthetics moodboard, here's the grayscale version to keep in with the morbid scene

Alriiiight, my next task to make one of the following;

A) 2 A3 model sheet of assorted characters (If I end up going with the idea to have some)
B) 2 A3 non-character design sheets of visual elements, style experimentation.

When I was first assigned with this task I wasn't very sure what I wanted, I just knew this poem was psychedelic in a way and needed that element. I didn't think I would need characters but... Yep, Amityville has changed my mind and I am now stuck :'D

Wish me luck!

...P.S. I'm poop scared from looking at all those images.

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